Already have a claim? When someone is fatally injured

When someone is fatally injured

Fatal injuries

When someone is fatally injured

Should you have lost a family member in a motor accident the MAIB can assist with the expenses associated with the funeral. Financial support may also be available for dependants. The MAIB can also assist with counselling services.

Funeral benefits

The MAIB will pay up to $11,415.00 to cover the reasonable costs associated with the burial or cremation. Costs associated with the gravestone or plaque are not covered.

How is the funeral bill paid?

  • Most funeral directors will invoice the MAIB directly.
  • If you have paid the bill yourself, send the original receipt to the MAIB for reimbursement. Make a copy of the receipt for your own records.

Death benefits for dependants

If the deceased is survived by one or more dependants, a lump sum may be payable. For motor accidents on or after 1 August 2012, the lump sum payable is $77,000.00.  If survived by two or more dependants, of whom at least one is a dependant child, there is an additional lump sum payable to the child/children depending on the age and dependency of the child.

How to claim the death benefit for dependants:

  • Complete and return the Application for Scheduled Benefits For Dependants of Deceased (Form E).
  • Provide a copy of the birth certificate for each dependant.
  • Provide a copy of any available Taxation returns for the last financial year for the deceased and each person who is named in Form E as a dependant who may have lodged Taxation returns for that year.
  • Provide evidence* which identifies the manner in which each person named in Form E was dependent on the deceased at the time of the motor accident.

*Evidence could be, but is not limited to:

  • Evidence of the duration of the relationship.
  • Evidence of where dependants reside.
  • A copy of a marriage/relationship registration certificate.
  • The degree of mutual commitment to a shared life.
  • Whether or not a sexual relationship existed, existence of children etc.
  • Documents showing joint ownership of property.
  • Documents detailing bank accounts whether joint or otherwise.
  • Evidence of joint cohabitation (phone accounts and similar).
  • Any documentation that would establish the care of children by the deceased, this could include schooling, clothing and feeding. Invoices addressed to deceased for school fees, levies etc. and bank or credit card statements.
  • Statutory Declaration detailing the extent of the relationship and/or support/care provided by the deceased.

Counselling services benefits

The MAIB can pay for counselling for any member of the immediate family of a person who is fatally injured in a motor accident. The person who is fatally injured in the accident must have an accepted MAIB claim.

The maximum amount payable for counselling services is $1,000.00 per family member.

How to claim the counselling services benefits:

  • Please provide details to the MAIB of who may seek counselling services and evidence of their relationship to the injured person.

How are the counselling services bills paid?

  • In most cases your counsellor will invoice the MAIB directly.
  • If you have paid a bill yourself, send the original receipt to the MAIB for reimbursement. Make a copy of the receipt for your own records.

Road Trauma Support Tasmania also provides free counselling and support for people affected by road accidents, whatever your involvement may have been.